Terrex Development & Construction is a company that was founded to provide the greatest value to our clients and investors through the delivery of high-quality development and construction services. We believe in hiring the best and brightest team members that help promote the highest project value to our customers. Everyone on our team contributes to the following leadership, culture, and capabilities attributes of Terrex:


  • Best & Brightest
  • Strategic
  • Thoughtful
  • Positive & Respectful
  • Transparent
  • Strong Communicators


  • Integrity
  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Easy to Work With
  • Committed & Dedicated
  • Love What We Do


  • Experience & Knowledge
  • Results Driven
  • Wisdom in Perspective
  • Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Accountable


Terrex Development & Construction was founded by Peter Horton, Matt Packer, and Tom Rowe in September 2014. Pete, Matt, and Tom established the company with the goal of providing a holistic and transparent experience for their customers in delivering construction and development projects.

The name Terrex was an intentionally created and unique word. It was created from the Latin words “Terra,” meaning land or earth, and “Rex,” meaning ruler or king. The name is metaphoric for our desire to be leaders of our industry within the built environment of our community.

Shortly after launching the company, Terrex and Messer Financial Services announced a strategic partnership in December 2014, capturing the synergies between Terrex’s development expertise and Messer’s investment capital/financial strength.

Today, Pete, Matt, and Tom continue to grow the company by adding the best and brightest people in the market to the Terrex team. The company continues to make headlines providing expert construction services to their cleints and delivering transformative development projects within the Cincinnati region.



SEP 2014:  Terrex Development & Construction co-founded by Peter Horton, Matt Packer, and Tom Rowe

DEC 2014:  Strategic partnership with Messer announced

MAR 2015:  Terrex begins work on our first major construction project for The Children’s Theatre

JUL 2015:  Dave Kasten joins Terrex as a construction Project Manager

AUG 2016:  Tori Ochs joins Terrex in the role of Accounting and Administrative Support

JAN 2017:  Terrex announces the Uptown Gateway (Digital Futures Complex) development project in Uptown

JAN 2017:  Kai Lewars joins Terrex as a construction Project Manager

MAY 2017:  Fayette Regional Health selects Terrex for their new Detox Center construction

SEP 2017:  Terrex announces the On The Lateral development project in Norwood

JAN 2018:  Roy Tesmer, Troy Tesmer, and Elizabeth Prombo join the Terrex Field Operations team

MAY 2018:  Tom Xanders joins Terrex as a development Project Manager

NOV 2018:  Danny Curran joins Terrex as a construction Project Manager

MAY 2019:  Terrex and Messer announce the first phase of redevelopment of the former Cincinnati Gardens site

JUN 2019:  Chris Michel joins Terrex as the Director of Accounting & Finance

JUL 2019:  Terrex and Messer announce the commencement of  the University Station Student Housing second phase